Contact and adress

Stephanie Urban
Filderhauptstra├če 49
70599 Stuttgart (Plieningen)
# 0173.914.8808

Regarding possibilities and your individual topic, please contact me personally.

The way of my heart is to support people to reconnect with themselves and their own power.
With pleasure I like to pass on my experiences and my knowledge to you and accompany you on your journey.
As a coach, hypnotist, nutrition counselor, psychotherapist and yoga- and meditation teacher above all, however, as an authentic personality who also experiences life as a wonderful journey to herself.
Before starting my own business, I worked for a consultancy in sales as well as in the field of intercultural management.
Yoga and meditation helped me enormously in my personal growth.
Reconnecting with my inner being has strengthened my conviction to live a life full of joy, lightness, inspiration and well-being. The better I feel, the more successful I am and the more I can contribute to the world.

Tools that I teach you

– Meditation, contemplation, yoga
– Breathwork, pranayama
– Relaxation
– Controlling and changing your thoughts and emotions
– The path of least resistance – the art of allowing
– Non-violent communication (M. Rosenberg)

Yoga and coaching events
Robinson Club – Cabo Verde
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April 2020