Counseling, hypnosis and coaching regarding your nutrition, eating habits and well-being.

Preferably, I like to support you in the following areas: 

–  Switching to a naturally vegetarian or vegan diet as well as clean eating
–  Improved well-being – feel better and lighter in your stomach and body
–  Intuitive eating versus dieting and obeying rules
 – Learn to distinguish emotional and physical hunger
–  Learning to quickly prepare your own healthy meals daily
–  Tips and tricks for restaurants, canteens and on the go
–  Food Combining –for advanced clients and extra feel-good

It’s all an interplay. In strengthening your body awareness and listening to your body more lovingly, you will intuitively feel which foods your body needs when and in what amounts.

You learn to truly feel your body to know when you have eaten enough. There is a slight difference in eating just enough and having had enough.

Based on my own observation and experiences, I find that people that focus on body awareness and well-being or that deal with allergies and intolerances will sooner or later recognize that the more naturally and intuitively they eat, the better they feel, especially if they reduce meat and animal protein or even switch entirely to plant-based foods.

Apart from moral or ethical aspects, increasedwell-being can provide inspiration to change your diet. You will perceive it as a wonderful increase in quality of life rather than a lack of something.

Personally, I love the balance, the vitality and happiness that I create daily with my deliberate food choices.
And I am looking forward to inspire and assist you on your path for a while.